Swami Muktananda Yati

  • Swami Muktananda Yati

    • Swami Muktananda Yati was born in 1967 at Kundaliyur near Guruvayur in Kerala. He was a thirsty seeker of spiritual liberation from childhood. He would leave home during school days and wander here and there in search of peace in heart. Even while this disturbed wandering, he continued his study interruptedly. He was averse to the prevailing educational system. And yet he obtained post graduation and later started off as a journalist. At this time, his quest to embrace the divine presence of a Guru became so intense; and he abandoned the worldly career and life. Like a divine grace Guru Nitya Chaitanya Yati appeared before him as a sad-guru. He accepted discipleship of Guru Nitya Chaithanyati and joined Narayana Gurukula in 1993 as per Guru’s wish. He had the fortune and destiny to live with Guru in his service at Gurukula. While living with Guru, a timeless experience permeated his inner being, an ever-lasting spring of love was blossomed in his heart. He started ‘One-World Communion’ at Ernakulam to strengthen the world unity. Presently he transmits spiritual wisdom to the thirsty hearts in order to make aware  of one-world living, one-world education, one world spirituality and one world humanism.


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